Assess Your RA Symptoms

The only way to know if XELJANZ or XELJANZ XR could be right for you is to talk with your healthcare provider about how well your current treatment is working. That conversation will be important in finding out whether XELJANZ could be your next step to help relieve your moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA) symptoms.

In 3 simple steps, we’ll help you prepare for a more productive conversation with your healthcare provider about how RA is impacting your life.

Questions for Your Doctor

For your next appointment, print these questions to help you and your healthcare provider talk about what you could expect if you were to be treated with XELJANZ.

  • I have heard that XELJANZ XR is an Unjection, one of a number of treatment options that does not involve needles. Could it be an option for me?
  • What side effects might I see with XELJANZ/XELJANZ XR?
  • If some XELJANZ XR patients felt an improvement in RA symptoms at 3 months, do you think I could experience similar results?
  • XELJANZ XR can help stop further joint damage. Why is this important?
  • If you prescribe XELJANZ XR for me will I be able to stop taking methotrexate?
  • What should I do if I forget to take any of my pills?
  • What other important information do I need to know about XELJANZ XR?

Real Patient Stories

If you’re considering XELJANZ or once-daily XELJANZ XR, a great way to learn about the treatment experience is through the actual people who take XELJANZ to help reduce their symptoms of moderate to severe RA. We reached out to the following four real XELJANZ patients and asked them to share their stories. Keep in mind, RA affects everybody differently and your results may vary.

Meet Alison

As Alison’s moderate to severe RA progressed, she tried methotrexate and other medications with little success—until she found XELJANZ.


Meet Leslie

For years, Leslie used NSAIDs, and later methotrexate, to manage her moderate to severe RA, but she still found her mobility too restricted to do the things she used to do.

Read Leslie's RA Story

With XELJANZ managing my moderate to severe RA, I’m back on the tennis court and also hiking with my husband.

When I think of how I want to spend my day, three things come to mind: family, fun, and tennis. But swollen hands and feet and a painful shoulder started to get in the way.

For almost two years, I tried to manage my RA with NSAIDs and later methotrexate. They worked for a little, but then my symptoms came back more painful than ever.

That’s when I asked my doctor about XELJANZ. He talked about common side effects and more serious ones, such as infections and certain cancers, along with the potential benefits. After starting on XELJANZ, I saw an improvement in my joint pain and swelling within a few months. I was back spending my days doing the things I cherish most.

Meet David

When David was diagnosed, he was scared his symptoms would get worse if he couldn’t find a treatment to manage his moderate to severe RA.

Read David's RA Story

When it comes to managing my moderate to severe RA, getting the treatment that was right for me made such a difference.

As my RA progressed, even simple repair tasks became excruciatingly painful. Things like holding a screwdriver became more and more difficult, which is a problem since I’m an electrician. I was beginning to fear what RA was doing to my livelihood, let alone my life.

I tried different treatments, including methotrexate, but the pain was spreading to other joints in my body. My doctor suggested XELJANZ. After I started treatment, I had an upper respiratory tract infection, but that went away, and I’m pleased to say that XELJANZ has helped me get back to working and doing the things I used to do.

Meet Lisa

When moderate to severe RA started to affect how Lisa cared for her two kids, she knew she had to find a way to manage it.

Read Lisa's RA Story

Hearing you have moderate to severe RA is tough. But finding the right treatment for me was a blessing.

I work full time. I’ve got two kids and a husband. At first, I thought that’s why I felt tired, but then pain and swelling started to set in. My rheumatologist told me I had moderate to severe RA. That was a shock.

RA is not something I had planned for, and I felt discouraged when I had difficulty performing basic activities or keeping up with my kids. I asked my doctor for a treatment that could help me get back to my active lifestyle. After explaining the common side effects, and the more serious ones like infections and certain cancers, my doctor put me on XELJANZ. Turns out, I didn’t have any side effects and within a few weeks of starting XELJANZ, I was back chasing the kids, going to book club, and doing yoga.

Getting the diagnosis was hard and sometimes I felt hopeless because other DMARDs my doctor prescribed, including methotrexate, weren't doing enough. But when you find that one that does, it can make a difference.