Want to learn more about XELJANZ? Meet Alison, Lisa, and David. We reached out to these three XELJANZ patients and asked them to share their stories.

Alison’s Story

As Alison’s moderate to severe RA progressed, she tried methotrexate and other medications—then she found XELJANZ.

I was so relieved that we found something that was working. And I started being able to do more things with my daughter.

Alison is an elementary school speech therapist who lives in Woodstock, GA. Diagnosed with RA when she was 19, Alison had tried a variety of treatments and still suffered from severe RA joint pain and symptoms. Quite often, her RA symptoms fluctuated between extremes. While she has a great relationship with her doctor, it took her some time to learn how to verbalize the joint pain she was experiencing. Alison started on XELJANZ after it became available and has since switched to once-daily XELJANZ XR.

Lisa’s Story

When moderate to severe RA started to affect Lisa’s ability to work and care for her family, she knew she had to find a way to manage it.

I saw an article for XELJANZ, another type of drug for RA. And it was in pill form! I couldn’t believe it.

Lisa a financial manager who lives in Lewisville, NC, with her husband Malcom. Her friends say she’s a go-getter who never lets anything stand in her way. From the moment she wakes up, Lisa is always on the go. When Lisa was first diagnosed with RA, her symptoms were “off the charts.” She began treatment on methotrexate while taking prednisone, but her symptoms still progressed. Then she asked her doctor about XELJANZ. After he explained the common side effects, and the more serious ones like infections and certain cancers, her doctor prescribed her XELJANZ.

David’s Story

When David was diagnosed, he was worried his symptoms would get worse if he couldn't find a treatment to manage his moderate to severe RA.

Now that I’m taking XELJANZ, I’m pretty excited about retiring, actually! I look forward to camping, gardening, hiking.

David is a soon-to-be retired airport maintenance supervisor in Clemmons, NC. A self-described handyman, he likes to do things with his hands—such as working with electronics. He also enjoys hiking with his wife Barbara. He was diagnosed with moderate to severe RA in the mid 1990s. In 2000, he started taking methotrexate. It helped—initially, but his RA symptoms quickly returned. In 2013, David was prescribed XELJANZ. When he experienced a respiratory infection, he had to stop taking XELJANZ until it was resolved. He’s pleased to say that XELJANZ “has helped me do the things that I enjoy.”